Node.JS Workshop

Gil Tayar

Date: April 5, 2017.
Location: University of Applied Social Sciences. Kalvariju str. 137E,
LT-08221 Vilnius, Lithuania

About the workshop:

Are you unfamiliar with NodeJS, and are curious to learn about this fascinating environment? Do you have the NodeJS basics, but would like to tighten your understanding and learn a little more? If so, then this workshop is for you. During the workshop you will learn the basics of Node.

You will learn about the unique asynchronous nature of Node, learn how to use callbacks, how to use APIs like the filesystem API, how to create node modules, and how to build web applications using express.

Since we are in 2017, you will also learn how to leverage ES2015 to make your code nicer and more concise, and to leverage Promises to make asynchronous programming bearable.

Given that I am a firm believer in testing your code, you will also learn about how to write tests in Node using Mocha – unit tests, integration tests, and end to end tests.


• Lesson #1 – Intro

o Synchronous programming
o Async programming
o The filesystem API
o Handling errors
o Modules and NPM
o Express
o Express Middleware

• Lesson #2 – ES2015

o Arrow functions and their use in Node
o Simplified object syntax
o Let/Const
o Promises
o Classes
o Destructuring

• Lesson #3 – Testing

o Mocha and Chai
o Async testing
o Unit testing
o Integration testing
o End to end testing

• DIY. In the DIY sessions, you will gradually build the server code for the classic TodoMVC application:
• Exercise #1 – Writing the db layer for the app
• Exercise #2 – Serving front-end code, and rewriting the db layer using promises
• Exercise #3 – Ajax handlers for the TodoMVC client code


A firm knowledge of JavaScript. No need for backend experience! Frontend-only experience is OK.