Puppet Testing


Martin Alfke

Date: April 5, 2017.
Location: University of Applied Social Sciences. Kalvariju str. 137E,
LT-08221 Vilnius, Lithuania

About the workshop:

This workshop introduces the puppet spec testing. We will start with non-working code example and move from unit to integration testing.
Tools used: puppet-lint (+ extensions), rspec-puppet, vagrant, beaker.


– Introduction to Puppet + Testing
– Differences between Unit and Integration Testing and why you want both
– How to not trash your system ruby installation
– Extensions Extensions Extensions
– Does your code look good? Check with lint
– Your first test with rspec-puppet
– Digging into Vagrant
– Automating vagrant with beaker
– Serverspec: check your systems for compliance

Technical requirements:
– Attendees need a laptop with vagrant and ruby 2.1.7 already installed.