Derek Anderson

Designing cloud infrastructure management software for 10 years.

Coming from a background of automotive embedded systems and highly fault tolerant systems, Derek aims to build highly resilient systems using a combination of failure analysis, aggressive testing and highly maintainable code.

One of the founders of Enomaly inc., acquired 2012 by Virtustream.

Rapid application deployment with OpenStack Heat

This workshop will show you how to quickly deploy a landscape of heterogeneous servers and supporting services with OpenStack’s “HEAT” orchestration project. We’ll deploy an OpenStack All-in-One on your laptop, and walk through the construction of a Heat YAML template that captures the desired end-state of a small, but realistic multi-tier application. This application can then be repeatably built, torn down, and replaced at will.

You’ll learn:
• Basic OpenStack management through the Horizon UI
• Core OpenStack network, instance and storage concepts and models.
• The YAML based, OpenStack HEAT orchestration DSL, applied to the components above
• How to manage the lifecycle of VMs using the orchestration UI

NOTE: Please bring your own laptop to the workshop! Be sure to check the requirements and prerequisites.