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James Letley

James, Co-founder and CEO of LayerV, is passionate about high quality IT Service and Security. He has been automating IT deployments for 20 years in sectors from Secure Government to E-gaming, and is a citizen of the DevOps revolution. His mission, which he chose to accept, was to remove the barriers between developers and operations teams and create seamless delivery pipelines on enterprise grade infrastructure. And as a result, LayerV was born.

James is also 3 x Ironman triathlete and building a jet engine.

Accelerating innovation through AWS Cloud technology

LayerV: Co-Founders Story / Journey
AWS Service Overview
   • AWS Services (Infrastructure / Tools)
   • Solution Case Studies

DevOps in AWS
   • DevOps Approach in AWS
   • Tools / Process / People
   • Challenges

DevOps “Real World” Case Studies
   • Customer 1 (FinTech)
   • Customer 2 (FinTech)
   • Customer 3 (TBC)