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Javid Khan

Javid, Co-founder and CTO of LayerV, is an outstanding IT expert with a passion for innovation excellence. With over 15 years, he has a deep understand of IT & Business with extensive enterprise architecture experience which span a vast range of technologies and industries including Health, Finance, Energy and E-gaming. His mission, which he chose to accept, was to tackle those complex, over engineered, traditional architectures by leveraging cloud technologies and services, following enterprise principles with minimal operational overhead. And as a result, LayerV was born.

Javid can also bench press 180KG, has a passion for photography (10,000 Instagram followers) and is a runner up on the selection process for UK show The Apprentice.

Accelerating innovation through AWS Cloud technology

LayerV: Co-Founders Story / Journey
AWS Service Overview
   • AWS Services (Infrastructure / Tools)
   • Solution Case Studies

DevOps in AWS
   • DevOps Approach in AWS
   • Tools / Process / People
   • Challenges

DevOps “Real World” Case Studies
   • Customer 1 (FinTech)
   • Customer 2 (FinTech)
   • Customer 3 (TBC)