Mantas Klasavičius

Mantas is a senior software engineer at Uber. He has been advocating devops good practices for many years. As a metrics geek he gave multiple talks about that topic and wrote 1(one) article on InfoQ. Continuing that path Mantas was founding member of observability team at Uber and seen things which can not be unseen. Currently he works on getting configuration management back on the track.

Mantas is also a hiker, snowboarder and food lover. At the moment he’s all in cycling getting ready to ride bicycle in the mountains.

Metrics at scale @UBER

Metrics @UBER is a first class citizen. My talk will cover metrics collection, presentation and alerting based on metrics. It’s all about how we deal with the scale in incredibly fast growing company. I will include details on the tools we currently use, as well as our painful migration path from graphite based solution. I’ll show our build-in-house query language based on tags we’re using to query metrics and share my experience building, migrating and supporting metrics system at the fastest growing startup in the history.