Olegas Domanskis

Olegas is an IT professional with more than 15 years of successful working experience in entertaiment, Telco and IT services companies. He has multiple skills in various IT fields, with strong attitude to Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft System Center. He is responsible for most critical backend database servers, servicing thousands of customers.
Currently Olegas is working at TEO LT and focusing on IT operations automation and optimization of systems’ management processes.

Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Simplified

IT administrators perform many tasks and procedures to keep the health of their computing environment up-to-date and their business running. Automating IT processes and tasks saves time and effort, reduces the number of manual and error-prone activities and you can do it fairly easily with Microsoft System Center Orchestrator.

This Talk focuses on two real life TEO LT examples. The first one will give you step-by-step guidance how to automate the processes, what tasks are needed to create automation activities called runbooks and maintain your IT environments according to business needs. The second example will explain how to reduce the number of manual and error-prone activities in your environment using task automation.

Learning to use Runbooks and understand the concepts of Orchestrator could mean the difference between being invaluable or replaceable to the business. Fortunately, becoming comfortable with Orchestrator and creating basic tasks and processes automation is relatively easy.