Saulius Valatka

Saulius has been a software developer for the most part of his IT career. While always fascinated by theory and having spent a ridiculous amount of time on obscure activities like metaprogramming with C++ templates and learning about applicative functors and monads in Scala, more recently Saulius started worrying more about grown up stuff like deployment, performance and other devops activities.
Saulius is currently the technical lead of the data research team in Adform, working hard to make sure the data scientists have all the data they need to do the science on.

How we learned to love the Data Center Operating System

As packaging applications in containers is becoming more popular the idea of running a data center operating system is starting to make sense — developers produce containers and ship them off without worrying too much where they run.
While this sounds perfect in theory, it obviously introduces new challenges in practice: how do you plan capacity, how do you discover your apps, what about persistence ?

In this talk we will share our experience of running applications in Docker containers on a shared Apache Mesos cluster, what challenges we faced and how we overcame them.