DevOps is the answer! What was the question again?

DevOps is without doubt one of the hottest topics in IT right now, and everyone from vendors, senior management and IT professionals are rushing headlong to “Doing DevOps”. Somewhere along the way the message that DevOps is only a means to an end, and not an end in itself, is getting lost. In this presentation Steve from DevOpsGuys will talk about the lessons DevOpsGuys learnt from working with customers to achieve their business goals, by following DevOps philosophies, and how you can avoid falling into some of the pitfalls of “Doing DevOps”.

Stephen Thair

Steve Thair co-founded DevOpsGuys in 2013 after a 20+ year career in IT infrastructure and operations to help organisations simplify the management of their online applications by leveraging DevOps practices to improve the delivery, performance and time-to-market of the entire software development pipeline.

Steve blogs extensively on DevOps at and has presented at numerous meetups, webinars and conference to evangelise the benefits of DevOps. You can see some of those presentation on Slideshare here –

He also started the London Web Performance meetup and launched WebPerfDays London in conjunction with VelocityConf to help “speed up the web”. He has been on the organising committee for the Web Performance track for Velocity EU for the past 3 years and has presented at VelocityConf on web performance. We was also one of the co-founders of WinOps Conference in 2015 to bring the DevOps message to the Windows environment –

Video of Previous Talk