Tim Perry

Tim Perry is a tech lead and the open-source champion at Softwire, a bespoke software development company in London, Bristol and Bucharest. He’s also the creator of Build Focus, a contributor to a huge range of open-source tools across the JS, Java and C# ecosystems, and the maintainer of quite a few open-source projects of his own.

Opening Open-Source with DevOps

DevOps has made great strides across the software world, but not yet in open-source. Open-source has never been the most accessible part of software development to jump into, but we can help fix that. In this talk we’ll look at real-world examples of how DevOps tools and techniques have been used to simplify setup, development and deployment in a selection of open-source projects, and learn how you too can help make open-source more open, for everybody.

Video of Previous Talk