Carlos Leon

Container Solutions, The Netherlands

Carlos Leon is a Colombian nerd working in tech for 6 years. He works as a software engineer at Container Solutions writing systems to automate the provisioning, orchestration and scaling of bare metal and virtual infrastructures. He’s passionate about free flight (hang gliding), dreadlocks, clean code and life in general.

Topic: From development to production in 5 minutes: is your company ready?

Containerizing your applications allows you to improve your time to market significantly. But is your company is actually ready for such a speed? Have you thought of the cultural changes that such a technology demands? Is your process flexible and fast enough to keep pace? how is your inter-team communication and collaboration? What is the level of trust that you have in your team? These questions were asked and answered for one of our customers in their journey to a rock-solid software delivery pipeline and I will share the story with you.