Ivan Evtukhovich

Express 42, Russia

Having graduated from MIPT, Ivan got into Web-development completely by chance. He started his professional career as a C# and ASP.Net developer. After 4 years, Ivan switched to the world of open-source and Linux and became a PHP-developer and shortly after a Ruby-developer. At the moment, Ivan works at Express 42 company which specializes in DevOps consulting and operations of IT projects.

Topic: Key DevOps Practices

In our job as DevOps consultants, we are frequently asked a question by our clients: “What does DevOps consist of?” Acronym CAMS is not suitable enough to make DevOps sell, because nobody wants to buy “culture” and “knowledge sharing”. So we recommend to our clients the following practices: Infrastructure As a Code, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Monitoring, Test Data Management and Automated Testing. In my presentation, I will talk about what we mean by those practices and also tell some of the cases of our work with the big Russian enterprises.