Mark Smalley

ASL BiSL Foundation, The Netherlands

The IT Paradigmologist. Interests: management of IT, applications and information, particularly from a business perspective. IT Management Consultant at Smalley.IT and Ambassador at the ASL BiSL Foundation. Also affiliated with APMG International, BrightTALK, BRM Institute, GamingWorks, IT4IT Forum, IT Chronicles, ITPreneurs, NCOI, Pink Elephant, Taking Service Forward, Topconf, and Van Haren Publishing. Regular speaker: 100+ presentations in 20+ countries.

Topic: Sell me this DevOps

This presentation explores DevOps from a business value perspective, giving you a better understanding of the potential benefits of “devopsing” your organization: more speed, stability and fun (seriously!). But how do you sell DevOps to business executives?

Not all organizations will get these benefits: if you work in a relatively stable environment, you might be wasting your money. Looking at DevOps as medication, what are the curable symptoms, the right dosage, side-effects, and warnings? And is it addictive?

DevOps is grounded in the Theory of Constraints that identifies the most important bottleneck in the way of achieving a goal and then improves it until it is no longer the limiting factor. Yet DevOps only addresses part of the IT value chain. What about the functional requirements, value realization by the users, and the relationship with IT’s business partners? What is your biggest bottleneck? Is an investment in DevOps (shock horror!) just sub-optimization?

1. What kind of organization should invest in DevOps and which benefits can reasonably be expected
2. A value proposition that you can sell to business executives
3. Where DevOps fits in the bigger IT picture and what’s needed to avoid sub-optimization