Martin Hinshelwood

Naked Agility Limited, Scotland

Martin Hinshelwood helps organisations to deliver better software faster by adopting DevOps & Agility using Visual Studio, TFS/VSTS, Azure, & Scrum. Martin founded naked Agility Limited, when he returned to the UK in 2013, with the belief that every company deserves high quality working software delivered on a regular cadence that meets its customer’s needs.

Topic #1: DevOps Zero to DevOps Hero with Visual Studio Team Services 

Many teams don’t yet have a basic build let alone an automated DevOps pipeline. In less than 90 minutes I will take an application from local builds to fully automated release pipeline with automated testing and full traceability of requirement quality.

Although almost everyone understands that they have to add DevOps practices at some point, many still don’t start with them. Yes, you should have Source Control, an automated Build, automated Release, and monitoring in place almost before you start your project. Come and find out how easy it is to ditch Sprint Zero for a Sprint Awesome on day one!

Topic #2: Agile is dead! Long live DevOps 

Agile is dead! Long live DevOps! Um.. ALM… um…

There has been a plethora of  “agile is dead” of late posts yet the long list of failed agile that has caused it smell very little like agile. What was missing? Come and find out how to make a success of your agile project, and what will immediately spell disaster…

Paying lip service to a lexicon is no longer enough…