Asbjorn Ulsberg

PayEx, Norway

Asbjorn is a software architect in love with all things web, APIs, REST, DDD and distributed systems. He has been programming professionally for 20 years and as a hobby for almost 30.


Topic: From Source To Production With Ease

When puzzling together a build pipeline, going from source code to a built artifact that is released to production, there’s a lot of pieces that need to go together. How do you mint a version number? How do you perform the actual build? Where do you put the build artifacts? How do you securely and confidently deploy the artifacts to production? This talk attempts to answer all of these questions by providing real-world experience with tools and techniques that solve each piece of the puzzle, using Cake, GitVersion, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy.


Level: Level 2 – Intermediate material. Assumes knowledge and provides specific details about the topic.