Martin Alfke

example42 GmbH,  Germany

Martin is a long term Puppet user and trainer and supports companies in building successful IT automation build on Puppet. In the past he would have said that he is a System Engineer; nowadays he prefers the term Infrastructure Engineer. Martin is not a developer, or as he would have said: “Naming me a developer is an insult to every developer in the world.”


Topic: Bringing DevOps into the Enterprise

“DevOps” is only possible in small, young companies, who don’t need to deal with legacy applications.”
Why are people saying this?
Yes, Enterprise companies are like a giant vessel on the ocean. Changing speed or directions needs to be done carefully and slowly.
But even Enterprises see a need for faster changes and collaboration – at least in parts of their organization.

This talk will show what issues Enterprise companies have, when adopting to new, modern, agile methods.
Starting from tech people willing to change, looking at project management who is running a waterfall approach to manage the agile transformation, going through departments who refuse to changes, following up to C-level management and their view and support.


Level: Level 1 РIntroductory and overview material. Assumes little expertise with topic and covers topic concepts, functions, features, and benefits.