Matas Tvarijonas

Adform, Lithuania

Matas is Cloud Architect at Adform. He is part of a team which provides scalable private cloud that runs in 6 Data centers at 3 continents as a service; in their infrastructure they are using Openstack, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Consul, Terraform, Nginx, Jenkins, Ceph. In addition to that, team runs multi regional load balancers cluster which handles up to 800 000 qps.

Topic: Running multi continent private cloud powered by OpenStack

Adform is running ~3600 VMs on multi-region private cloud solution based on Openstack. In order to support and automate resource provisioning and service discovery, a large number of tools are needed. During presentation speaker will present Adform cloud design, self-service tools offered for cloud users, service discovery based on Consul, and monitoring based on Prometheus.

Level:┬áLevel 2 – Intermediate material. Assumes knowledge and provides specific details about the topic.