Phil Estes


Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM, working in the office of the CTO for IBM Watson and Cloud Platform. Open source maintainer in the Docker and CNCF containerd container engine projects, contributor to the Open Container Initiative (OCI) runc project, Moby Technical Steering Community (TSC) leader, and worldwide speaker and expert on container runtime/image capabilities and technology.


Topic: It’s 2018; are my containers secure yet?!

Ever since container technology took the developer world by storm, ops and the production-focused world at enterprises and startups alike have been concerned about security. Do containers contain? Do they do it as well as VMs or other isolation technologies? Many talks have been given and blog posts written in past years, but in this talk we’ll update for 2018 the “state of the world” as it pertains to container security. Hopefully attendees will see both recent progress as well as remaining areas of concern, and will leave with detailed references, information, and tools to investigate container security tooling, practices, and technology for themselves and their own container use cases.


LevelLevel 2 – Intermediate material. Assumes knowledge and provides specific details about the topic.