DevOps Pro Europe 2022

May 30 - June 3



May 24 - 26



Marcin Stozek

Positon: Engineering Manager, Open Source Collection

Company: Sumo Logic

Country: Poland


Engineering manager by day, Hacker News addict by night. Remote work enthusiast. Open Source advocate. His programming journey started with a copybook and a pencil in second grade when needed to calculate bytes for a picture shown by C64.

Since then he has been involved in many different projects – ranging from security in message queues to Hadoop, from monolith to microservices through Docker and Kubernetes. From software development, quality engineering through infrastructure, and DevOps evangelizing to management. He practices automation and believes that Linux is the best thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe after Vim.

Przemyslaw Maciolek

Positon: Principal Engineer

Company: Sumo Logic

Country: Poland


An engineer by heart, Przemek brings almost 2 decades of professional experience. He wore many hats during that time, which spanned software engineering, data science, architecture, ops, management, coffee making, and everything else required to make the team successful. He worked with OpenTracing (OpenTelemetry predecessor) in the past and since 2020 his focus shifted to OpenTelemetry, where he’s an active member of the community, focusing on OpenTelemetry Collector. While working in IT, he concurrently did a PhD in the field of ML in Natural Language Processing. He holds a belief that whenever working with datasets, nothing beats having good data quality to start with. OpenTelemetry greatly helps with that, by following the shift-left principle, giving them power to developer’s hands, and providing consistent conventions and rich data collection capabilities.


OpenTelemetry for Logs, Metrics and Traces

The observability landscape is a very hot place to be at this moment. There is a new kid in town, the OpenTelemetry project. Did you know that it is the second most active CNCF project right now? Maybe soon we won’t have a custom collector recreated over and over again by every monitoring / observability company. Marcin will show you what it brings to the observability table, how to use its reference collector implementation and how to collect and transform logs, metrics and traces using one tool.



The main goal of this workshop is to introduce participants to the OpenTelemetry project and its reference collector implementation – the OpenTelemetry Collector. Also familiarizing with OTLP protocol, logs, metrics and traces – and their collection and processing.

Target audience

The target audience is everyone who is involved with or interested in monitoring and observability of their workloads using the tools from the OpenTelemetry project.

The workshop will be introductory, no previous knowledge of OpenTelemetry nor logs, metrics or traces concepts is necessary.

Technical requirements


  • x86-64 (amd64) based computer
  • Ability to run Docker containers

Technical knowledge:

  • Basic programming in Python or Java