Davide Fiorentino

Date: March 14, 2018
Time: 10.00 – 17.30
Language: English

About the workshop

Coaching Microservices Architecture



Nowadays developing and running micro service seems to be a must-have. Everybody is talking about micro services – how to migrate to micro services or what are the best practice to run them, and as many using Monoliths. Listening at those who are not using micro services seems that’s a weird world where everything works magically with no effort for developers or DevOps. Well, everybody knows that DevOps are wizards, and that explains everything, doesn’t it? While there is no magic about micro services to let you think that reality is not what it seems, Davide can tell you that Wizards exist and he will tell you the truth!
Theory is cool enough, but we all know that practice rules, and in this workshop you’ll learn how to do in production what Davide is coaching for you. You’ll go through configuring and running a microservices architecture with best practice as CI, CD, BDD, TDD and SBE.



1. Design a Microservices Architecture

2. Build a collection of Microservices for our Architecture

3. Build, configure and run a supporting system for QA and Production, including

o Continuous Integration (CI)
o Continuous Delivery (CD)
o Orchestration

4. Sip a cup of your preferred beverage while the system is doing all the hard work you used to do manually


Target Audience

System Administrators, Software Engineers

Level 2 – Intermediate material. Assumes knowledge and provides specific details about the topic.


Course Prerequisites

A device with working WiFi and VirtualBox or VMWare installed and updated to the latest version.



Using Java for over 20 years and teaching it for Oracle University, David Fiorentino always looked at the whole picture and provided solutions where necessary. He had been using a lot of tools and developing languages doing DevOps even before Andrew Shafer and Patrick Debois introduced the term to the public. He focus on investigating, prototyping and delivering new and innovative solutions when everyone else says it’s impossible.