DevOps Pro Europe 2020

March 24-26


Confirmed Talks

Jakub Nabrdalik

Bottega IT Minds, Poland

Common Mistakes When Moving to Microservices

While helping organizations move to microservices and public clouds, Jakub has noticed a lot of common problems. Architecture is described at infrastructure level (k8s, cloud services, etc.) without any focus on domain architecture. Enterprise architects are put in charge of software architecture. Architecture guilds are created without introducing the required practices and culture. QA still thinks that end to end tests are possible.

Session Keywords

🔑 Microservices
🔑 Cloud

Steve Poole


Modern Development — How Containers are Changing Everything

The rise of containerized applications, the need to deliver on the promise of polyglot microservice architectures and the growth of Kubernetes as the orchestration system of choice are all contributing to a development model that is quite different from the past and which is greatly increasing the amount of expertise and knowledge a developer needs on a daily basis.

Session Keywords

🔑 Kubernetes
🔑 Docker

Johannes Nicolai

GitHub, Germany

Scaling DevOps – GitHub’s Journey from 500+ to 1500+ People

Since the first talk on GitHub’s DevOps practices at DevOpsPro 2018, many things have changed. More than 50 million new repositories, 100 million pull requests and entirely new subsystems like security vulnerability scanning and a built-in CI/CD solution have been added and the number of GitHub employees more than tripled.

Session Keywords

🔑 Scaling Devops
🔑 Chatops
🔑 Flaky Tests
🔑 Microservices

Rodrigo Nascimento

Daemon Solutions, UK

Smooth Standards Consumption with Compliance as Code

One of the challenging aspects of automating infrastructure management is to ensure that its state is delivered according to specification/requirements, combined with a follow up through its lifecycle.
Configuration management and infrastructure as code tools have been widely used to accelerate the delivery, but what can we use to automatically measure the conformance of produced resources?

Session Keywords

🔑 Compliance as Code
🔑 Cloud Custodian
🔑 Inspec

Fabian Basciani

J.P. Morgan Asset Management, UK

Why Automating Your Manual Testing is a Bad Strategy

To achieve continuous delivery pipelines in a DevOps environment you need automated testing for quality assurance of your software. Nonetheless, this is easier said than done. Especially, if you go beyond the usual unit testing and want to test the actual behaviour of your application. Fabian will present to the audience why automating your existing manual testing is a bad idea and why so many of us are struggling to achieve a satisfactory automated testing suite.

Session Keywords

🔑 Testing
🔑 Event Sourcing

Janos Pasztor

Freelancer, Austria

Behavior Testing Your Containers

Do you manually test your containers? Do you not test at all? What if Janos were to tell you there is a better way? An easy, readable way? This talk will give you an introduction into behavior testing with Python and Gherkin, a very friendly, readable test description language, and it will guide you through creating a test environment for your containers.

Session Keywords

🔑 Testing
🔑 Infrastructure
🔑 Containers
🔑 Python

Kristian Azmanov

Endava, Bulgaria

Google Cloud Build for Firebase Cloud Functions

The idea of the session is to demonstrate how easily we can set up a multi-environment, server-less architecture which is integrated into a CI/CD pipeline using only the Google Infrastructure (Firebase and Google Cloud Build).

Session Keywords

🔑 Google
🔑 Serverless

Rasmus Selsmark

Unity Technologies, Denmark

Scaling DevSecOps to Integrate Security Tooling for 100+ Deployments per Day

Through automated builds and deployments, teams can develop and run their services in production, including taking ownership of the quality of their services. Our next step at Unity has been to integrate security tooling better into the deployment process, e.g. avoiding container vulnerability scanning happening days or weeks after the actual deployment took place.

Session Keywords

🔑 DevSecOps
🔑 Tooling

Carlos Leon

The Cloud Natives, The Netherlands

Scrum: Framework, Not a Cookbook

Scrum is probably the most widely adopted software development framework in the industry. It offers predictability, tight feedback loop between customers and the development of the product and segregates responsibilities in a way that makes accountability very easy.

Session Keywords

🔑 Scrum
🔑 Agile

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