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Andrea Giardini

Camunda Service GmbH, Germany


Crowne Plaza Vilnius –
M. K. Čiurlionio str. 84, Vilnius, Lithuania


Andrea Giardini is the Engineering Manager for the SRE team of Camunda GmbH. He’s been fascinated by the DevOps mindset since the early days of the movement and has worked extensively with containers and cloud computing, gaining experience across a wide array of platforms.

Before joining Camunda, Andrea worked at CERN in Geneva on a project to detect and manage configuration drifts inside the CERN infrastructure. At Camunda, he’s responsible for the infrastructure that builds and tests open-source projects.


Hands-on Introduction to Kubernetes

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard to run you containerized applications in the cloud: over the past years we have seen a very steep adoption curve and many interesting projects around it.

This workshop aims to give an introduction about Kubernetes. We will start from understanding the basics concepts and principles and step by step move to more advanced topics. By the end of this workshop you will have a grasp on how Kubernetes works under the hood and what you can achieve with it. Also, you will be able to deploy a simple application to Kubernetes and scale it.

This workshop includes:
– Kubernetes introduction
– How to containerize your workloads
– Pods, Services, ConfigMaps and Secrets
– Deployments and StatefulSets
– Strategies for deployments
– How to set up a continuous delivery pipeline