DevOps Pro Europe 2022

May 30 - June 3



May 24 - 26



Kerim Satirli

Positon: Senior Developer Advocate

Company: HashiCorp

Country: The Netherlands


Kerim is a senior developer advocate at HashiCorp, where he works on creating a positive experience for infrastructure operators. He is passionate about complex systems and enjoys the challenge of codifying them. Before he joined HashiCorp, Kerim worked at a variety of companies, ranging from cultural institutions and aviation to government services.


Making the Cloud Cheaper

In this talk, Kerim will discuss common patterns (and missteps!) that come into play when your organization is looking to lower its cloud computing bill. He will look at where observability comes into play, why codification matters, and how operations engineers are taking on the role of financial controller.

Session Keywords

🔑 Infrastructure-as-Code
🔑 Cost Optimization
🔑 Observability