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Alain Lompo

SENACOR, Germany


Alain is a passion driven software developer with more than fifteen years of professional experience. He also worked previously as a technical trainer for Java/JEE and .Net technologies. He loves sharing amazing technologies in seminar, conferences and evangelism events. Alain regularly contribute to awesome open source projects on github and helps developers everywhere to solve their problems via [stackoverflow]. Due to his contribution to technical communities, Alain was twice awarded the MPV (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) title in 2006 and 2007. Alain is a MCSD .Net (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer), MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) since 2004. He is also a Certified Java Programmer and an Oracle Certified Web Component Developer (OCWCD). Alain is the initial architect and main developer of the meodes solution and was, from 2006 to 2009 the technical expert for both .Net and Java/JEE platform for the european union project MEDA 2.


Application Performances Monitoring with Elastic APM and the ELK Stack

The recent technological improvements have make it really difficult to properly monitor application performances. Luckily great tools such as Elastic APM are taking care of the problem efficiently. Learn in this presentation how to diagnose, analyse and monitor your applications using Elastic APM.

In correlation with the fast paced technological evolution, software applications have also evolved to become more complex, more distributed and more dynamic. Cloud computing has pushed this evolution a step further. Therefore it is now more difficult to properly monitor application performances and ensure the end user that he will get the high-quality experience he is expecting. Luckily great tools such as Elastic APM are taking care of the problem efficiently. In this presentation I will introduce the audience to Elastic APM and then I will show them how to integrate it to their Spring boot applications and how to diagnose, analyse and monitor their applications. They will become familiar with the use of Elastic APM main components: the agent, the server and the user interface. I will show the audience how to instrument your applications to ship performance metrics to Elasticsearch in order to visualise them with Kibana’s pre-configured or customised dashboards. They will also learn how to analyse user request from the invocation sequence and detect the root causes of potential problems. They will learn by using the Elastic APM dedicated UI to identify bottlenecks and by taking advantage of the ELK Stack, to spot the code level related issues. They will finally see how easy it is to perform real time monitoring with Elastic APM in a production like environment.

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