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Augusto Rosa

Slalom Build, Canada


Augusto Rosa is an accomplished senior technical leader with an effective management style that built and maintain highly functioning agile teams. Managed and oversee many transformation over the last decade in the Canadian market using agile, DevOps and SRE practices. I have been using Cloud computing since 2010 and DevOps for longer. I am DevOps Advocate, Speaker, and leader in the Canadian market, volunteer at DevOpsDay Toronto and assistant organizer of the DevOpsToronto Monthly Meetups.


Reliability Lessons from Running High Traffic Services for More Than 10 Years

This talk focus on Augusto’s learnings of running many of Canada’s high traffic websites, from simple page-views, petabyte level video traffic, and large Black Friday retail commerce transactions, and real-time services. Learn from mistakes and some of the things Augusto learned through those years in making things run reliably. Augusto’s talk is part experience and part rant on things many services seem always to do. After this talk, you will be an expert in his reliability lessons from the Mission Impossible of running digital services reliability. You can take those with you and apply slowly to your practices. Some of these lessons improved uptime and reliability at many of the services Augusto worked in the last decade. Finally, he will review the latest news and tricks of running reliable services, including Google’s Site Reliability Engineering and Netflix Chaos Engineering practices.

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