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Carlos Leon

The Cloud Natives, Netherlands


Carlos has been working for most of his life in IT. Originally from Barranquilla, currently based in The Netherlands where he works as an independent consultant at The Cloud Natives, helping companies on the strategic and technical fronts for successful missions to the cloud, to full automation and to an agile way of working through inception.


Portable Pipelines

Either at the beginning or during the course of a project you will come to evaluate several CICD tools for your code. Most of these tools are very straight forward to use. However, chances are that if the tool doesn’t meet your expectations in the long term you will want to evaluate other tools and perhaps migrate. This imposes a big challenge for teams since there is no standard for CICD pipelines, so the migration process can either be very painful or not worth the effort, locking you in the tool that you chose initially.
Another big issue with the normal approach to pipelines is that their test-ability is rather hard to do or very slow because the feedback loop is so long.
In this talk we are going to go through the best practices to make your pipeline portable from one tool to the other and make it testable from your local environment. We will explore real life migration scenarios and you will learn how to make your existing and new pipelines work from vendor to vendor transparently.

This talk is directed mainly to developers and operators; however, managers can also benefit from learning from the high-level concepts and bring the whole idea/strategy back home to have their teams implement it, specially if they are starting or in the middle of a CI tool migration process.