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Hagai Barel

Nuvo, Israel


Hagai Barel is the Cloud Engineering team lead at Nuvo. He has extensive experience with containers in general and Kubernetes in specific, and is an expert in distributed, containerized systems design and operations.


CI/CD with Kubernetes - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

CI/CD is in integral part of the DevOps culture. It allows us to provide a consistent, reproducible and automated way to build, test and deploy our code. The flexible nature of Kubernetes makes it an ideal platform to run CI/CD pipelines, dynamically and efficiently.

In this talk we’ll explore the advantages kubernetes provides in regards to automation and CI/CD, the difficulties and pain points, and finally the workarounds and hacks to glue all the pieces together.

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Extending the Kubernetes API

Kubernetes is a flexible and extensible platform that provides powerful primitives to build upon. Combined with the built in automation characteristics, it’s an ideal eco-system for developing complex operational solutions.

In this workshop we’ll start by taking a deep dive into the kubernetes API to understand the resources schemas, life cycle and management. Once we have a firm grasp on the basic concepts, we’ll move to building our own operator, first by hand and later by using powerful frameworks, that provide tooling and abstractions, to allow us to focus on the business logic.