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Henry Been

Henry Been Consultancy, The Netherlands


Henry Been is a freelance DevOps & Azure architect and Microsoft MVP The Netherlands. He enjoys working with software development teams to create and deliver great software.

His interests include the Azure cloud, Agile, DevOps, software architecture and the design and implementation of testable and maintainable software.

Next to his work, he is also one of the Microsoft ALM | DevOps Rangers.

Henry tries to share what he’s learned with the community at conferences and meet-ups or through his blog You can catch him on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Logging, Instrumentation, Dashboards, Alerts

Embracing DevOps entails more than just shipping changes to production faster and faster. Your team is suddenly also responsible for monitoring your software in production and detecting and troubleshooting issues. To work together with operation specialists in your team or maybe even embrace a #NoOps approach, you as the developer, need to learn about monitoring.

We will discuss logging frameworks and log analytics solutions. Next to that we will explore metrics: your software’s KPI’s. What metrics to choose and how to gather them. To let information come to us, we will use both logging and metrics to create dashboards and alerts that notify us when things go south. Or better yet: before things go south! Finally, we will combine all of this to see how we can quickly investigate and resolve production issues.

Join Henry Been for a demo heavy session, including like NLog, Application Insights, Seq and more to see how to implement all of the above from scratch. During this session, you will learn everything you need to know to start monitoring your solutions and never lose any sleep ever again!

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