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Jeroen Willemsen

Xebia, Netherlands


Jeroen Willemsen is a Principal Security Architect at Xebia. With a love for mobile security, he recently became one of the projectleaders for the OMTG project (MASVS & MSTG). Jeroen is more or less a jack of all trades with interest in infrastructure security, risk management, security automation and application security.


Securing your CI/CD Pipeline

You probably heard of security automation, it’s a hot topic at the moment. Adding security checks in your CI/CD pipeline is great! But how to deal with the delays caused by this tooling? What about the developers that hate it when the pipeline is red due to false positives? And how do you secure the pipeline itself? These are all questions that need to be addressed to make sure that the automation becomes sustainable.

Jeroen has distilled multiple best practices after having experienced various security automation implementation projects. Whether you are starting with security automation or are already at an advanced level. In this talk Jeroen will share his experience from various security automation implementation projects. Skip all the trials and learn to make a security CI\CD pipeline work.

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