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Geoffrey van der Tas

Ordina, Netherlands


Jos Punter

Ordina, Netherlands


Crowne Plaza Vilnius –
M. K. Čiurlionio str. 84, Vilnius, Lithuania

Time & Date

10:00, 19 March



Geoffrey van der Tas Biography

Geoffrey is an enthusiastic professional and a real explorer. As an explorer he likes to discover new things, learn more and get inspired. His career started in testing as a tester, test manager and test consultant he helped to make sure software products obtained the high quality standard. But his curious and discovering nature was never satisfied with just testing.

This led him to the agile way of working and he consulted his first Scrum project 5 years ago. He learned this way was more effective, but it struggled with delivering quality. After his first project, he learned a lot and started investigating more effective ways to deliver quality. Within his last 4 years he has worked as an agile test & quality expert.

His great passion is to inspire others, teach professionals and help companies with tackling their struggles. This also lead to becoming Dutch Software Testing Champion in 2018(after the 2nd place in 2017).

Jos Punter Biography

Crazy about agile and adding customer value via good solution. Jos Likes to bring people together to share, learn and inspire. Trains and teaches others in SAFe, Agile, Devops, Quality, Scrum and Tooling because he really likes to share his knowledge with others and learn new things while doing. Over 10 years of IT experience across multiple companies.


Powerful Refinements with BDD

Refinements are the start for you and your team of your product development in the Scrum. The start for building those awesome features & products. But are your refinements as effective as could be? Or are you not really refining yet and still have big analysis up front, keeping you stuck in a waterfall like way of working? Or are you still struggling with delivering increments within the short iterations in Scrum?

This workshop is all about getting started with Behavior Driven Development or BDD. This will help us to start delivering value faster and make Scrum work for us. All of this starts with doing powerful & productive refinements. That’s also were this workshop focuses itself on. Going from a product backlog item to ready for sprint and eventually delivered value(right the first time).
So, if you hate rework and want to deliver products faster, come to our workshop!


Agile mindset & Scrum Basics (1 Hour)

  • Introduction to Course
  • Scrum Basics & Agile Mindset
  • Product Backlog & Refinement Basics

Refinements – Who to invite (30 Minutes)

  • Exercise Three Amigo’s;
  • Effective communication curve;
  • Refinement who to invite & when.

Refinement technique: Specification by Example (1 hour)

  • Practice session to discover Specification by Example;
  • Workshop information sharing techniques;
  • Workshop scaling methods.

Refinement technique: Example Mapping (1 hour)

  • Practice session to discover Example Mapping;
  • When to use what refinement technique;

Refinement technique: Feature Mapping(30 minutes)

  • Practice session with Feature mapping;

Creating Usable Gherkin(1 hour)

  • Going from refinements outcomes to living documentation for Test Automation & Fast Development;
  • Practice with writing Gherkin code;

Best Development Practices(1 hour)

  • Learn what the best practices are to deliver value faster;
  • Practice with developing your own automation with Gherkin
Course Objective

During this course you will learn about how to get specifications and tests by formulating examples during refinement sessions that appeal to the imagination. You will learn valuable techniques like Specification by Example, Example Mapping & Feature Mapping and how to apply them.
By applying these techniques the outcome of your refinement will lead to: Development of test automation and your feature at the same time. So you can verify the feature immediately, have your regression test automated and your documentation in order at all times. We will show you how to achieve this.

Target Audience

Scrum teams from product owner to developers in the team. Refinements are a whole team effort. So not only testers should join, but everyone who is working in an agile environment can learn a lot from this workshop.

Technical Requirements
A personal computer.