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Rachid Zarouali

sevensphere, France


Docker Captain and Community Leader, Rachid Zarouali is a former virtualization consultant and Instructor. After successful experiences in building and training the ops team of the French registry (AFNIC), and working as a C.I.O. for a worldwide recognized CRM and E-COMMERCE agency, he built his own company sevensphere. He aims at offering training and consultancy to company willing to use container technologies in production or migrate to cloud platform. Involved in different OSS communities, he teaches cloud computing architecture at a software engineering school in his spare time.


Build a Secure and Efficient Supply-chain

Speaking about putting containers in production, we always hear the same keywords:


– Supply-Chain

– Security

This workshop aims at clarifying what do those keywords really means when we work on putting containers in production and teaching how we can use open source tools to create a complete, secure and stable supply-chain.

We’ll learn everything needed to build, deploy and maintain the whole platform from creating a containerized application to pushing in production.

We’ll walk through the whole workflow, implement several features like linting, technical and functional tests, all together with a deep focus in security.