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Renato Losio

Funambol, Inc, Germany


Renato Losio is a software and cloud architect, a digital nomad and a slow runner. He has many years of experience as a software engineer, tech lead and cloud services specialist in Italy, UK, Portugal and Germany. He currently lives in Berlin and works remotely as principal cloud architect for Funambol inc. Location-based services and relational databases are his main working interests. A certified AWS professional, he holds a MSc degree in Physics and a MSc in Computing Science.


MySQL on the Cloud: a Journey from Virtual Machines to Serverless Deployments

A relational database is a common bottleneck, hard to scale, harder to manage: from virtual machines to containers, from managed services to serverless options, there are different way to run a relational database on the cloud. What are the benefits of going serverless on MySQL?

From AWS to Google Cloud, the major cloud providers offer different options to run a MySQL or a MySQL compatible database on the cloud. You can spin up virtual machines and configure your own cluster or rely on managed services with the ability to modify or scale vertically a database with the click of a button. From sharding to backups, from provisioning to monitoring, the talk will cover the operational costs of running relational databases on the cloud on a personal journey from virtual machines to running a serverless database.

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