DevOps Pro Europe 2022

May 30 - June 3



May 24 - 26



Ari Palo

Positon: Lead Technologist

Company: Alma Media

Country: Finland


Ari is an experienced cloud architect with a developer background working as a Lead Technologist at Alma Media. He is also a recognized AWS Community Builder focusing on developer tooling.


Communicating Cloud Architectures

Some could argue that spending time on drawing architecture/infrastructure diagrams is a waste of time and maybe even claim it’s reminiscent of waterfall models of the past.

Ari argues otherwise.

He has worked with agile DevOps teams that use infrastructure-as-code to build modern serverless cloud-native applications, iterate fast and ship code to production multiple times a day via well-defined CI/CD-automation. Even for them, producing quality architecture diagrams has been beneficial.

This talk covers how good architecture diagrams can help with:
– communication with stakeholders
– improving security-posture
– cost optimization
– performance optimization & solving scalability issues
– spreading domain knowledge within the team
– spreading DevOps culture within the team

After the talk, you’ll have an understanding of how good architecture diagrams can help and also you’ll have some practical tips on how to produce them.

The examples shown in the talk are in the context of Amazon Web Services, but they apply to any cloud provider.

Session Keywords

🔑 Diagrams
🔑 Architecture
🔑 Infrastructure
🔑 Cloud