DevOps Pro Europe 2022

May 30 - June 3



May 24 - 26



Dotan Horovits

Positon: Developer Advocate, Podcast Host


Country: Israel


Dotan lives at the intersection of technology, product, and innovation. With over 20 years in the hi-tech industry as a software developer, a solutions architect, and a product manager, he brings a wealth of knowledge in cloud computing, big data solutions, DevOps practices, and more.

Dotan is an avid advocate of open-source software, open standards, and communities. Dotan is an advocate of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), he organizes the CNCF Tel-Aviv meetup group and runs the OpenObservability Talks podcast, among others.

Currently working as a developer advocate at, Dotan evangelizes on Observability in IT systems using popular open-source projects such as ELK stack, Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, and OpenTelemetry.


OpenTelemetry 101

Everyone wants observability into their system but finds themselves with too many vendors and tools, each with its own API, SDK, agent and collectors.

In this talk, Dotan will present OpenTelemetry, an ambitious open-source project with the promise of a unified framework for collecting observability data. With OpenTelemetry you could instrument your application in a vendor-agnostic way, and then analyze the telemetry data in your backend tool of choice, whether Prometheus, Jaeger, Zipkin, or others.

He will cover the current state of the various projects of OpenTelemetry (across programming languages, exporters, receivers, protocols), some of which are not even GA yet, and will provide useful guidance on how to get started with it.

Session Keywords

🔑 Observability
🔑 Open Source
🔑 OpenTelemetry