DevOps Pro Europe 2022

May 30 - June 3



May 24 - 26



Feu Mourek

Positon: Development Advocate

Company: Icinga

Country: Germany


Feu has been working in the open-source development world for a few years now – Specialised in web development and design, and a passion for data visualization they spent most of that time being a part of the development team of the monitoring tool Icinga Web 2 and giving talks and training about Icinga, GitLab, accessibility and open source. They took over the role of “Development Advocate” at Icinga, taking care of the communication in the community and the development team.


Streamlining Your Projects With Git

Git is a tool that is already widely used, but rarely ever to its full potential. It revolves around why using Git improves all aspects of your work, from a one-person script to a massive project.

In this talk, Feu will introduce different techniques and workflows with pros and cons and also will explain best practices that they have gathered in their training and from real-life experience over the years.

Additionally, Feu will throw in some tips on how to teach Git to others so the viewers can also pass on the knowledge.

Session Keywords

🔑 Git
🔑 Best Practices
🔑 Scripting