DevOps Pro Europe 2022

May 30 - June 3



May 24 - 26



Johannes Nicolai

Positon: Solutions Engineer

Company: PlanetScale

Country: Germany


Johannes Nicolai is a long-time open source enthusiast and contributor. He is interested in all things IssueOps, distributed databases, CI/CD and Raspberry Pi. Check out his GitHub profile (@jonico) to learn more about his projects – most recently

Lilli Seyther-Besecke

Positon: Area Manager EMEA

Company: PlanetScale

Country: The Netherlands


Originally wanting to become the next Angela Merkel, Lilli Seyther-Besecke discovered her passion for software development workflows and how to improve them early on at London-based startup Yieldify. During her time at GitHub, she led many customers through their transformation process towards agile development and inner sourcing. Now at PlanetScale, Lilli is supporting companies across Europe and Asia to evaluate and adopt PlanetScale – the database loved by developers for its git-like branching and merging capabilities.


From GitHub to PlanetScale – How Schema Changes and Pull Requests Go Hand in Hand

When Linus designed Git, one of his famous quotes was “branching is not the problem, merging is”. Properly merging database schema changes along with code is even harder – especially if many teams and terabytes of data get involved. Lilli will tell how those challenges got addressed at GitHub and how the same tooling found its way into PlanetScale’s database branching and merging workflow. The main part of the talk will be a live demo showing how to propose, test, approve and merge MySQL schema changes directly from a pull request along with the corresponding application code changes. You will also learn the story behind Vitess – the Open Source project invented by the founders of PlanetScale to reliably run MySQL at YouTube – now used in production environments at places like Slack, GitHub, Roblox and Twitter. Last but not least, there will be multiple opportunities to win some swag, so don’t miss the session.

Session Keywords

🔑 Github
🔑 Database Like Code