DevOps Pro Europe 2022

May 30 - June 3



May 24 - 26



Miguel Rojas

Positon: Cloud Architect

Company: Pure Storage

Country: Spain


Miguel is a Cloud Architect working for Pure Storage with experience working with container technologies for several years and has seen how companies embraced different Kubernetes distributions around the EMEA region. With his 5+ years working at Red Hat as a Solution Architect, helping FSI and Retail companies adapt and modernize their apps with Openshift, he loves sharing his experiences.

Now with Portworx he is addressing the need in the market for Managed Data Services in Kubernetes.

He is from Madrid, Spain, and has traveled throughout the EMEA region handholding customers and partners in their journey to the cloud and delivering presentations in public events.

If you want 5 minutes with him, bring him a juicy snack and he’ll be more than happy to chat.


Data Management for Kubernetes: Backup | DR | Migration

Kubernetes is everywhere now, right?
You see how companies are embracing this technology more and more, it’s like the Kardashians or Rosalía or TikTok; MAINSTREAM!

BUT, as companies evolve and grow their container environments, they realize that stateful apps require more than a robust Kubernetes distribution, data is the key of their apps. Applications are as important as the data that they use. Managing 1M bank transactions is not the same as using bridge images, so you have to be very careful on how you control and use that data.

Portworx is here to help with those problems. In this session, we will see how Portworx is able to manage volumes in the cloud with Kubernetes in seconds AND migrate that data from cluster to cluster in minutes, even a Disaster Recovery environment with ZERO data loss and NO downtime. Do you want to see it live? join this session!

Session Keywords

🔑 Kubernetes
🔑 Data
🔑 Backups