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DevOps Pro Europe 2020




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Janos Pasztor

A1 Digital, Austria


DevOps Engineer and Animated Video Maker with a thing for the unusual: wrote a container engine in C++, dependency injector in Java, built a CDN for a personal website.

Talk #1

Gentoo as a Docker Build System?

Compiling a piece of software from source is a massive hassle. Dockerizing such a software leads to massive images. Join me for this crazy project of using Gentoo Linux’ excellent build system in conjunction with multi-stage builds to produce a tiny Docker image with just what you need.

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Talk #2

What’s under the hood of Docker?

Have you ever wondered how Docker does what it does? How can you run “cheap” virtual machines without the added overhead of running a true virtualization? Have you ever wondered what all this talk about cgroups, namespaces, and what not is?
Join the talk and learn how the new Linux kernel features sparked the container revolution, and how these things actually work.
This talk will contain some C code, but fear not, we will keep it simple. This is something every DevOps Engineer working with containers should understand.


Cloud Automation with Terraform and Ansible

This workshop will guide you through the basics of automating cloud setups with Ansible and Terraform. Learn how Infrastructure as Code works and how to use these tools to the best effect.