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Jos Punter

Ordina, Netherlands


Crazy about agile and adding customer value via good solution. Jos Likes to bring people together to share, learn and inspire. Trains and teaches others in SAFe, Agile, Devops, Quality, Scrum and Tooling because he really likes to share his knowledge with others and learn new things while doing. Over 10 years of IT experience across multiple companies.


Powerful Refinements with BDD

Refinements are the start for you and your team of your product development in the Scrum. The start for building those awesome features & products. But are your refinements as effective as could be? Or are you not really refining yet and still have big analysis up front, keeping you stuck in a waterfall like way of working? Or are you still struggling with delivering increments within the short iterations in Scrum?

This workshop is all about getting started with Behavior Driven Development or BDD. This will help us to start delivering value faster and make Scrum work for us. All of this starts with doing powerful & productive refinements. That’s also were this workshop focuses itself on. Going from a product backlog item to ready for sprint and eventually delivered value(right the first time).
So, if you hate rework and want to deliver products faster, come to our workshop!