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DevOps Pro Europe 2020

March 24-26



Janos Pasztor is a DevOps engineer and developer with over a decade of experience in the industry and a passion for creating educational content.


Containers for Beginners

Time & Date

9:00, 24 March





Containers are the hot new thing, the technology that really brought the DevOps movement to the next level. Every other week a new tool comes out that claims to make containers easier to use, but information and good advice is often hard to come by. Our aim is to give the attendees the knowledge needed to move applications into the cloud and containers.


Part 1: What is Docker?

        – How do containers work?

        – Why use containers and how do they compare to other tools?

Part 2: Building your first container

                – Running an application in a container

 – Reproducible installations using Dockerfile

 – Containerizing your first service

                – How do layers work?

Part 3: Sharing your containers

                – Using a Container Registry to share built container images

                – Using a Continuous Integration to build containers automatically from git

Part 4: Getting containers into productions

                – Running multiple services with Docker

                – Using Docker-compose

                – Using a container orchestrator


This workshop aims to teach you how to use containers from the ground up, from setting up your very first Docker container to getting containers production ready.

Target audience

This workshop is targeted at developers and systems engineers who are new to containers, but have some experience in writing Linux shell scripts.

Technical requirements

– A laptop (with no corporate firewall installed)

– An SSH client (Windows: PuTTY, Linux, MacOS: built-in client)