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DevOps Pro Europe 2020

March 24-26



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Your Kubernetes app is down. Your users start ranting on Twitter. Your boss is standing right behind you. What do you do?
This workshop walks you through a live debugging session without panicking:

  • What do your health checks say?
  • Where does your monitoring point you?

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There is a long path between a Python script and a production solution. How to start some new open source project? How can you build it into a proper package and make this complex CI/CD pipeline to pick it up and deploy automatically on some staging environment?

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Docker – from Zero to Hero

Vaidotas Gudaitis

This course provides hands-on instruction to the basics of Docker, a containerization technology that is used for running, wrapping, distributing and publishing software and workflows. During the workshop, you will learn to install, integrate and run Docker both in a sandbox and in your working environment.

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Containers are the hot new thing, the technology that really brought the DevOps movement to the next level. Every other week a new tool comes out that claims to make containers easier to use, but information and good advice is often hard to come by. Our aim is to give the attendees the knowledge needed to move applications into the cloud and containers.

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Power of PowerShell

Jonas Savickas

Scripting and Automation – get to know PowerShell as overwhelming tool to automate your work and be more effective. Workshop brings fundamental knowledge and skills to use PowerShell for automating configuration and reporting. Provides participants the skills to identify and build the command they require to perform a specific task.

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This workshop will cover the activities of using the Ballerina programming language for developing cloud-native applications. We will be going through the unique features of the language, from the network-aware constructs of the language, such as services (HTTP, gRPC, WebSockets etc…), stream processing…