DevOps Pro Europe 2021

May 11-13


Adam Dewberry

Positon: Data Engineer

Company: Infinity Works

Country: UK


Adam Dewberry is a consultant data engineer, specialising in building cloud data platforms. Along with engineering, he is responsible for up-skilling customers’ staff, working alongside them to help them own and expand their new data infrastructure.

In a pre-Covid world, he would often be found hitch-hiking across the Balkans and eastern Europe; in a peri-Covid world, he’s learning to skateboard.


A Devops Approach to Data: A Tale Through the Trenches in Search of a Cloud Data Revolution

Data, as an engineering discipline, is a relatively immature field in the eyes of software and DevOps. This talk showcases the mistakes made, and how infrastructure as code and GitOps overcame them to build a world class data platform in AWS and Snowflake.

Session Keywords

🔑 Cloud
🔑 Data