DevOps Pro Europe 2021

May 11-13



Workshop No:


Forecasting Based Proactive Optimization of Cloud Resources

Paweł Skrzypek, Marta Różańska, Alicia Reniewicz

This workshop, entitled: “Forecasting based proactive optimization of cloud resources” will
provide an introduction to the Multi-Cloud application modelling, configuration, deployment,
and adaptation, including the survey of the existing Cloud Management Platforms (CMP),
modelling methods, and languages.

Moreover, we will provide an overview of the latest research, the comparison of different
CMPs available (such as Cyclone RightScale and Google Cloud Anthos).

Workshop No:


This hands-on workshop will teach you how to create and roll out a scalable data platform in AWS and Snowflake using Terraform. The session will cover how to build all of the cloud infrastructure required to automate data ingestion and exports between AWS and Snowflake through code, set up deployment pipelines and finally connect an analytics dashboard to derive insights and instant value.

Workshop No:


This workshop will give you an introduction to the history of Lean, and to the core philosophy and key principles from Lean that also are crucial for DevOps.

In this workshop we will focus on people, processes, leadership, and culture, more than tools and technology. Through practical examples, we will demonstrate the importance of value streams, explore the concept of flow, and identify how “The 8 waste types” can be used as a tool for improvement. We will also make the link between Lean thinking and the story of Agile, DevOps and ITIL 4..