DevOps Pro Europe 2021

May 11-13


Ari Palo

Positon: Lead Technologist & AWS Community Builder

Company: Alma Media

Country: Finland


Ari Palo works as a Lead Technologist for Alma Media – a European digital services & publishing company – and is also AWS Community Builder focusing on developer tooling. Ari is super passionate about serverless (which he’s been using since 2016), infrastructure as a code and testing. His programming languages of choice are TypeScript & Go.


Robust CI/CD Pipelines for Serverless Applications

This talk aims to work as an inspiration on how you might approach building modern and robust CI/CD pipelines for serverless applications (and their infrastructure): How one can achieve confidence in CI/CD flows by integrating testing throughout the entire process early on and how to manage multiple environments in your deployments.

This talk shows examples with serverless microservices consisting of AWS Lambda functions, various AWS managed services, infrastructure written in AWS Cloud Development Kit, Github Actions and Jest testing framework as a core part of the local development and finally the CI/CD workflow – but with some adjustment these patterns showcased here can be applied to almost any modern technology stack!

After this talk, you’ll leave with recipes and patterns that you can apply to your serverless projects to speed up the development and improve the reliability of your CI/CD pipelines!

Session Keywords

🔑 IaC
🔑 Testing