DevOps Pro Europe 2021

May 11-13


Fredrik Carleson

Positon: Section Manager

Company: Skatteverket

Country: Sweden


Fredrik Carleson is a business owner and section manager for the Swedish Tax Agency. Having worked both for United Nations, the private sector, and the governmental in Asia and Europe he has experienced and tried various frameworks and methods in various roles. His motto is that methods and framework come and go but good ideas are forever and should be spread.

In his current work, he acts as a business owner and lean agile leader in a large SAFe implementation moving towards DevOps thinking in order to succeed working agile.


Can Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Ideas Help Build Better Software?

At university, Fredrik studied theoretical philosophy. One of the more strange philosophers he studied was Wittgenstein. He meant that we will never understand each other. His theories have since then been dormant in Fredrik’s mind. Currently, as being part of starting up a new section his ideas have re-surfaced. Now twenty years later when Fredrik thinks back of them, they actually make some sense. Maybe the theory might be useful to explain why communication is vital to successful software delivery and to bridge the gap between Dev and Ops.

Session Keywords

🔑 Philosophy
🔑 Communication
🔑 Cooperation