DevOps Pro Europe 2021

May 11-13


Peter Fassbinder

Positon: Principal Expert PLM Process Innovation

Company: Siemens AG

Country: Germany


Dr. Peter Fassbinder is Principal Expert for PLM Process Innovation at Siemens. Based on over 15 years hands-on experience in Lean / Agile and 5 years transforming an industrial company to Continuous Delivery and DevOps, he drives innovation of PLM processes, organizations and ecosystems. His current focus topics are application of Continuous Delivery and DevOps in industrial environments, Agile Scaling and Lean / Agile Leadership. Prior to joining Siemens, Peter worked as project lead, architect and subject matter expert for several years at various other blue-chip companies. Peter is member of the advisory board for the Enterprise:Code 2020, chairman of various conferences on Agile and DevOps and regular keynote speaker at international events.


Devops in an Industrial Company: From Milestones to a Continuous Quality Assurance Approach

One of the biggest hurdles in implementing Continuous Delivery and DevOps in an industrial company – how to deal with milestones – can be overcome with a Continuous Quality Assurance approach. In industrial companies, delivering software requires a lot more than functioning software. To formally release and deploy a change into production, many further non-software artifacts are required, that cannot be covered by the Continuous Integration tool chain, no matter how sophisticated it is. Applying the classical milestone approach is not an option anymore, however, as this limits the deployment frequency to figures not even near the desired target. Therefore, a radical rethinking of the release process is required. This presentation offers a new perspective for analysis and tracking of non-software quality criteria, by introducing a Continuous Conformance concept. We apply the “Green to Green” and “Shift Left” mantra not only to software, but also to non-software artefacts. In combination with a Continuous Integration pipeline this provides a Continuous Quality Assurance, our approach to enable also industrial companies to take advantage of the many opportunities and benefits of continuous enhancements, while keeping industrial quality standards.

Session Keywords

🔑 Continuous Conformance
🔑 Industrial Company
🔑 Quality Assurance