DevOps Pro Europe 2021

May 11-13


Roberto Freato

Positon: CTO

Company: Witailer

Country: Italy


Roberto Freato is a M.Sc. consultant on software development, high reliability and cloud infrastructures. As a book author and Microsoft MVP, he wrote 4 books on Microsoft Azure in the last few years. As a solution architect, he’s leading a growing e-commerce solution entirely on Azure PaaS. He also is certified on several vendors with more the 40certifications.


From 0 to 100 Containers With .Net Core and Azure

This session mixes many of the lessons learned in years while writing distributed software. First is “design for failures”, to be sure our code will never generate inconsistencies. The second is “stateless (almost) everywhere”, to be sure our compute power can be built in minutes. The third is “performance”, which has to be considered a feature itself while it is often a competitive gap between you and others. In this session, we approach the “simple” problem of reducing the computation time of a CPU – intensive application, using C#, Queues, Azure Containers Instances, and a bit of ARM/YAML templates.

Session Keywords

🔑 Cloud
🔑 Azure
🔑 Containers
🔑 Serverless