DevOps Pro Europe 2021

May 11-13


Oliver Nocon

Positon: Chief Expert and CD/Devops Coach

Company: SAP SE

Country: Germany


Oliver is chief expert and CD/DevOps coach at SAP SE located in Walldorf/Germany.

He has been working in SAP’s development organization since 2001 and has a proven track record in technology topics as well as in project, program, and delivery management – especially in the cloud-space.
Before working in his current role, he worked closely together with consulting and support in projects with mainly strategic SAP customer accounts.
Oliver is member of the “SIG Interoperability” in the Continuous Delivery Foundation.
He coaches teams in Continuous Delivery principles and is one of the creators of [Project “Piper”]( an Open Source and SAP InnerSource project.


Infrastructure-Agnostic Continuous Delivery

There is a lot of movement in the space of Continuous Delivery systems.
The Continuous Delivery Foundation drives topics and tools forward like Jenkins, Jenkins-X and Tekton.
On the other side there are big players in the market pushing their often proprietary systems.
Where will the market evolve to? Should you care?

In this session you will learn about one way to get prepared for the future by using the Open Source project “Piper”.
You will get insights into running “Piper”-based pipelines on different systems in the market.

See how you can combine the strengths of multiple systems or just be prepared to not be locked into a specific tool.

Judge yourself  if “configure once – run anywhere” could become reality or will just stay a dream…

Session Keywords

🔑 Open Source
🔑 Piper